Set Up Your Own Terminal Server Using Remote Desktop Services On Server 2008 R2

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Installing nagios 3.5 on Centos 6.4

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Send message to other users on cisco router

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It is the best way to communicate whit multiple engineers troubleshooting on one router….

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Fortinet port fix config

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config system interface
edit wan1
set speed 100full

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IPS6 in GNS3

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Factory reset Juniper SSG 5

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Just login with device serial number for username and password.

default username & password is netscreen

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Enabling Jumbo frame in command line in windows

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netsh int show int

netsh int ipv4 set subint LAN mtu=9014 store=persistent

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Initial Setup of CP R65

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A bit old; but a lot of devices are still online with version including one of my customer. I hope the article can help to some one….

username : admin

password : adminadmin

Then change password and username ( optional )

then login by using gui from your browser https://yourCPip, Click “I Accept” on Lic Agreement and login with new username and password.

Then start the configuration wizard

1) set the management IP or change the management IP,

2) add the default route

3) add DNS server

4) define host name and domain

5) Set Date and Time ( manual or NTP )

6) Add Web/SSH client

7) Check the check point power or UTM. ( I choose UTM for this time )

8) Select VPN-1 and Smart Center UTM ( don’t click Integrity or change the port )

9) Select Primary Smart Center

10 ) Next .. Next for Connector Plug-In and Event Suite

11 ) add SmartCenter GUI Clients.. ( I add local subnet for testing )

12 ) add SmartCenter Administrators ( can be same, )

13 ) Add finish and wait for reboot..

( I allocate 1 cpu and 512mb of ram, it will take 5-7 min for me. )

14 ) After reboot, go to Product Configuration > Download Smartconsole Application and Install.

Finally you can use SmartDashboard to connect your CP




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Windows 7 with an Intel 82579LM wired adapter

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Installation of PXG4BPI in Ubuntu

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1. Move the base driver tar file to the directory of your choice.  For
example, use /home/username/e1000bp or /usr/local/src/e1000bp. Read more…

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